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Opiate Overdose Deaths Have Reached Epidemic Proportions.

Dr. Todd Pizitz, has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, and Mr. Don R. Mealing, is a successful retired CEO and experienced entrepreneur.  Don and Todd are friends and former business associates who share a great sense of public concern over the epidemic of opioid overdoses sweeping this country.

Everyone has been shocked and dismayed at the rising epidemic of opiate-related overdose deaths, and while many educational and informational campaigns have been launched warning of the tremendous dangers of opiate overdose, the rate of fatalities continues to rise annually.

Don Mealing has experienced three close members of his family die from opiate overdoses; with two of those painful funerals just two months apart. Dr. Todd Pizitz has also seen the impacts of opiate fatalities across his professional practice.

Don and Todd have brainstormed on what new technology or public awareness strategy might have the most powerful impact on reducing opiate overdoses, and they think they have hit upon a powerful solution:

Todd Pizitz, Ph.D.

Don R. Mealing

The CounterAct Cap

Their idea has become the CounterAct Cap; a US patented nasal delivery system containing Naloxone or similar counter agent in a simple spray atomizer, which snaps directly on top of the prescription bottle.

Naloxone has proven extremely effective in saving lives of overdose victims.  Currently it is available in both injection form, and nasal spray dispensers.  CounterAct Cap simply integrates this life saving medicine into the same dispenser as the opioid medication.

Access to emergency overdose medication now becomes INSTANT.

There are no needles, no medical training required, and most importantly, no having to search for this life-saving medication because the Naloxone is always at the ready with the opioid prescription bottle.  

CounterAct’s Cap will integrate an Opioid Overdose solution with the Opioid prescription bottle. This reinforces the need for patients and their families and friends to use extreme caution when using this class of drug. 

Upon FDA approval, CounterAct will publish clear an concise instruction on the cap and packaging advising what to do in an overdose emergency – for example:

  1. Call 911 and report an Opiate Overdose Emergency.
  2. Remove the CounterAct Cap protective cover and fold out the spray nozzle.
  3. Insert spray nozzle into one of the victim’s nostrils.
  4. Use finger to push red trigger to automatically spray dosage contents into victim’s nose.
  5. If no sign of improvement after minutes, repeat spray procedure with second cap.
  6. Stay with Victim until medical help arrives.

Victim should regain a minimum level of consciousness, but should be transported to the nearest hospital immediately.

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